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Insurance companies recognize the difference between attorneys who threaten to litigate and lawyers who aggressively take cases to trial. Over the past several decades, our attorneys have firmly established themselves as prominent trial attorneys who are not afraid to go to court to get their clients the compensation they deserve. In fact, we often encourage each other to take our cases to trial – and it shows in our results. The Pittsburgh Injury Law Firm of DeRiso, DeRiso and Suher does not back down and we do not settle for less than everything you need and deserve.

Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2.25 Million - Car Accident

    Eighteen year old struck our client head on. Immediate investigation determined the driver was texting/on the phone. Victim suffered multiple fractures and trauma.
  • $350,000 - Truck Accident

    Commercial vehicle failed to properly stop exiting a highway causing a 5 car chain reaction. Victim, mother of three, suffered TBI/Concussion.
  • CONFIDENTIAL - MAX Insurance Limit Recovery - TBI | Concussion

    Victim with limited tort option was struck by driver who had heroin in his vehicle. The impact caused the victim to suffer from TBI/Concussion. Max recovery.

Pittsburgh Personal Injury Attorneys

We have won substantial verdicts and secured huge settlements for our clients, helping them recover from their loss and provide for the well being of their families. No case is too large, we handle all matters:

Insurance Company Settlement Strategies

insurance companies care little about your recovery and fully compensating you for all your loss. They will try pressuring you to quickly settle your claim before you are aware of the long term impact your injuries will have on your life. It is critical to consult an experienced Personal Injury Attorney before making an agreement or accepting a settlement of you claim.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain injuries

Concussions and their long lasting effects have yet to fully understood by doctors. Victims suffering from head trauma can experience devastating debilitating effects long after “recovery” has occurred. The inability to focus, stay on task, and remember may be signs that long term damage from a prior head injury may still be affecting your life. Victims of impact head injuries need an attorney with skill and experience to ensure that any settlement or award recognize the potential long term effects associated with head impact injuries. The Brain Injury attorneys at DeRiso, DeRiso and Suher are just such attorney's.

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