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Commercial vehicles are typically larger vehicles, carrying things like furniture, food, or retail goods. A commercial vehicle could also be a hotel shuttle, school bus, company car, taxi, or delivery van. Most commercial vehicles are owned by companies and covered by commercial liability policies.

If you’re involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, chances are your accident may be more severe than with a regular auto, due to the size of the commercial vehicle. These vehicles, because of the loads or numbers of passengers they must carry, are larger than others on the road, and can even contain hazardous materials. If you are in an accident with a commercial vehicle that wasn’t your fault, you need a skilled attorney to help you receive compensation for your injuries. The commercial vehicle accident lawyers at DeRiso, DeRiso & Suher are experienced with these sorts of accidents and can help you with your case. Contact them today.

More About Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle drivers are on the road all day, and are required to follow many regulations. If they fail to follow these rules — such as mandatory rest periods — they can be held negligent if they cause an accident. The company that owns the vehicle may also be at fault if your personal injury lawyer finds that the car had faulty maintenance, was loaded incorrectly, or the driver was not properly licensed.

There are certain factors that qualify a vehicle as commercial, including:

  • The vehicle weighs 17,000 pounds or more
  • It transports more than eight people for compensation
  • It transports more than 15 people
  • The vehicle is a school bus
  • It transports hazardous materials

People who operate a commercial vehicle must hold a CDL (commercial driver’s license). Driving a commercial vehicle without a CDL can lead to fines and even accidents.

Your personal injury attorney can talk to you about the differences between a personal injury case involving a commercial vehicle and a personal vehicle. There are more differentiating factors, and your legal counsel understands how to work with the more complex set of issues a commercial vehicle accident may bring to the table. At our firm, our only goal is securing you the maximum compensation possible to take care of the financial expenses and emotional trauma from your accident.

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